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I am not a numbers person. As a former English teacher, I am always more interested in words. A line of iambic pentameter makes me much happier than solving a quadratic equation. However, the other day, I was curious about a number and had to go about finding the answer...

If you are familiar with our candle company and follow us on social media, you are aware that Bon Secour Candle Company is made up of two people; my husband, Mike, and myself. Mike manages all of the wholesale business, makes deliveries, and handles all of the accounts, both payables and receivables. I am responsible for social media marketing, product development and pouring ALL of the candles and wax melts we sell. How many candles did I make last year? THAT is what I wanted to know!

I knew that our business had grown considerably in 2018 over 2017. Our website sales were up 40% and thanks to our great retail partners, the number of units sold though wholesale business had grown as well. I wanted to know just how many candles I had poured in 2018.

Finding the answer wasn't quite as easy as adding up wholesale invoices and website sales. Those numbers wouldn't reflect the amount of candles sold at local arts and craft markets...and what about all those candles I give away to family, friends or anyone else that comes to our home such as the UPS driver, exterminator, and furniture delivery guys! They all walk away with a candle.

I decided the best way to solve my curiosity was to look back at the supplies that I ordered. I usually have to place an order of wax, tins and wax melt molds every 4-5 weeks. The tins that we use come in cases of 270 pieces per case and I ordered 37 in 2018 to give me total of 9,990 candles that I poured last year...and that's not even counting the wax melts! Every tin has to be wicked, poured, trimmed and labeled. It's a labor of love.

I have spoken to others who have started businesses similar to ours. Several have told me that as their businesses have grown, they have subcontracted out the production of their candles to manufacturers and then just sell them under their own label. This business is like my second child. I take pride in knowing that my hands have been responsible for the making of each item. I love that we have a space in the ground floor of our duplex to use as my candle studio so that I can work from home. Most of all I am appreciative of a husband who encouraged me to try my hand at creating a business at 55 and has joined me to manage it. We have had controlled growth and will continue to do so as we find a balance between our personal and business lives. I hope that you enjoy our candles and wax melts as much as I love making them with my own hands right here in our home. 

We truly appreciate your support!



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I love your candles! I found them first at a gift shop in Orange Beach after my parents moved there last year when I was looking for a little something to take home to a friend who was dog sitting. They have quickly become my favorites and knowing how much love in literally poured into them, makes me love them even more! I wish you much success and thank you for these great products

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