Boyfriend Candles...Who Knew?

Lynn Jordan

The other day I was reading through some posts on a candle group's discussion board and came across the topic of Boyfriend Candles. Now, I am familiar with what is commonly referred to as Man know scents such as Bacon, Riding Mower and First Down...fragrances that are supposed to be manly. However, it has been my experience that men gravitate toward candles that smell like cookies and baked goods, not those that remind them of cutting the grass! I was curious as to what these Boyfriend Candles might be so I did a little research.

According to the blog, Candle Fandom, there are candle fragrances that some women think smell like the ideal man. A group of female candle fans on Tumblr are sharing their "boyfriend" candle finds. Some of them have even resorted to envisioning their perfect male and taping a picture of him to the candle! Sort of like a boyfriend in a jar without any of the hassles and compromises of a real life relationship. The author of Candle Fandom listed her top five picks for the best Boyfriend Candles - one of which is Archipelago's Havana. I found that very interesting because this particular candle was the inspiration behind my Hemingway candle - energetic grapefruit and citrus wrapped in sweet tobacco and sensual musks...think Earnest Hemingway during his heyday in Cuba. My Hemingway scent happens to be one of my personal fragrances; warm, relaxing and comforting. (Don't tell MJ that I have a boyfriend, LOL!)

So, if you are looking for your perfect Boyfriend Candle, try our Hemingway scent. I can also recommend the Tobacco & Bay Leaf, Leather, Firewood and A Pirate's Life For Me.

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