I'll Have Sweet Tea With Mint

Lynn Jordan

Memories, imagination, old sentiments, and associations are more readily reached through the sense of smell than through any other channel. ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

I'm always amazed at the thoughts and memories that come to me when I'm pouring scented wax. Our Beach Baby fragrance reminds me of the Coppertone suntan lotion that I used as a kid at the beach, our Sugarcane candles take me back to my grandfather cutting sections of sugarcane for me and my cousins to chew and the Bushwacker blend I put together lets me re-live a fun afternoon spent with friends (although that memory is a bit blurred!).

I just poured a batch of Sweet Tea wax melts followed by a set of a new Peppermint scent that I am trying. The combined fragrance sent me back to lunches at the home of childhood friends. My oldest and dearest friends are twin sisters whose family lived down the street from mine. Their mother always had fresh mint growing in the flower bed just beside their carport. I remember lunches at their home in the Summertime - and when I say lunch I mean fried chicken, garden fresh vegetables and hot cornbread with butter. And of course, there was a tall pitcher of sweet tea. Melanie, Marilyn and I would sometimes go out and pick fresh mint leaves to put in our iced tea. Every time I have tea with mint, I think about that bed of fresh mint. The scent of those Sweet Tea and Peppermint wax melts shook my memory so quickly and strongly that I am now craving some fried chicken and cornbread! Such a sweet memory on a rainy afternoon!

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