Making Time for Family

Lynn Jordan1 comment

"If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs..."

These words from Rudyard Kipling's poem, "If", came to my mind the other day as I was thinking about the upcoming holiday season. Thanksgiving and Christmas can be such a stressful time, and these days it seems as if the close-knit family celebrations from our childhood have become lost in today's commercialization of the season. As parents of grown children with families and responsibilities of their own, Mike and I have found it more and more difficult to coordinate schedules to spend time together with the kids at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last year, I decided it was time to take action and make family time a priority...BEFORE the holiday season reached its peak.  We planned a family beach weekend early enough to avoid the holiday rush. Later this week, we're doing it again. I hope to make this a family tradition for years to come.

Mike and I are in a second marriage for each of us. Our blended family consists of his two sons and my daughter, and over the years our family has grown with their spouses and children. The addition of each new member had made our family that much richer. Over the years it has become less about "yours" or "mine" and more about "ours". Our family continues to grow as we await the arrival of a new leaf on our Jordan family tree this spring when we will welcome a new grandchild...a little boy this time to carry on the Jordan name.

Taking advantage of our great weather this time of year and reduced rates on beach properties, we've rented a condo big enough for everyone to spread out, yet cozy enough that we are able to spend quality time together. We will all take time out from busy schedules and spend a long weekend together. We've been fortunate that for the past two years, Veteran's Day has fallen on the weekend giving us an extra day to be together. We'll play board games, watch college football, take walks on the beach, cook and eat meals together, laugh and tell stories. But most importantly, we'll spend quality time a family. Time is truly the most precious gift that we can give to each other...and that is really what the holidays are all about.

As the holidays approach, I hope that all of you are able to find time to spend with your loved ones to reconnect and make memories.


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