Looking for Fall on the Gulf Coast

Lynn Jordan


Yes, I'm burning a Firewood candle while we're in the middle of a September heat wave. Its blend of aged oak, burning firewood and smoky embers is one of my favorites when I want to create a cozy environment such as enjoying a comfy fireplace on a cool, fall evening. It's all about mind over matter; or in this case, mind over temperature.

My daughter and I had a conversation the other day. It went something like this...

Me: What did you do this weekend?
Beth: I cleaned my apartment, then lit all the "good" candles and settled in with a favorite book and cup of tea.
Me: What do you mean "good" candles?
Beth: You know, I Love Fall, Chai Latte and Apple Cider.
Me: You do know that it's 95° outside don't you?
Beth: Yes, but when you live in the South, Fall is more of a state of mind than a temperature reading on the thermometer.

Beth's favorite time of year is Fall (in fact our "I Love Fall" candle was named with her in mind), and for her the season changes on September 1st. That is when she gets out all of her fall candles and decorations. She creates the feeling of Fall in her home regardless of the weather. 

Using home fragrance is a simple way to change your mood, lift your spirits or transport you to another place or time. You can even create particular moods for different rooms in your home. I love a clean fragrance such as our Sea Glass in the bathroom,  a warm, relaxing scent such as Asian Sandalwood in the bedroom and something cozy in the living room like our Smoky Vanilla. Fragrance is so personal; experiment with different scents to find your favorite!

So whether you're along the Gulf Coast impatiently awaiting cooler, Fall temperatures or in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan dreaming of a beach vacation, we've got a fragrance that can help transport you!



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